Rare Earth Magnets For Improved Health

Published: 11th April 2011
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Rare earth magnets provide a number of advantages apart from their use in mechanical industries. These magnets have also been studied for their health benefits, especially since the use of magnets by most civilizations for health and other purposes are evidenced by records dating back to ancient Greek civilizations and the Middle Ages. There are modern studies that link the use of magnets and reduced pain, as well as studies showing the effects of electromagnetic fields on the symptoms of certain diseases.

History of Magnet Use

Earth magnets have been used by the ancient Greeks to treat diseases such as arthritis and control excessive bleeding. Physicians in the Middle Ages used magnets to treat poisoning, baldness and prevent infections, as well as to remove arrowheads and metal parts from the body. Magnetic tools were used in the Civil War to relieve common ailments in places were physicians were not readily available. Today magnets are used for prophylactic and therapeutic uses. Most people use magnetic bracelets, chokers and bangles to keep the circulation flowing well, while some use magnets to relieve backaches, liver and kidney diseases and sleeplessness.

How Earth Magnets Improve Health

Although the specific mechanism of how magnets work on the body is not known, researchers propose a number of ways by which magnets produce their therapeutic benefits. These ways include the ability of magnets to change the function of nerve cells so that they can block pain signals to the brain, help achieve the right balance between cell growth and birth and increase blood flow to tissues. Facilitating oxygenated blood flow also increases the temperature of the affected body area, which promotes healing. Factors that may affect the results of magnetic treatments include the type of magnet used, the strength of the magnet, and the frequency of use and the length of time the magnet is applied on the body.

Proper Handling of Earth Magnets

Magnets require care when handled since some magnets tend to be fragile. Magnets should be placed in containers that separate one piece from another in order to prevent two pieces from accelerating toward each other at high speed, resulting to breakage. Pieces of magnets are easily demagnetized so users are advised to keep magnets away from high heat sources. The magnetic fields possessed by these magnets can also damage electronic gadgets and erase important data stored in these equipment.

Although there is no conclusive study that shows how earth magnets affect the body, their benefits are apparent through centuries of use. Improved benefits on health, such as increased feelings of well being, higher tolerance for pain and improved circulation, as well as the relative absence of side effects, make earth magnets good options for alternative therapy. The affordability of magnets also make magnetic therapy one of the best options for those who do not want to spend too much on new and alternative therapies.

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