Ferrofluid Magnets Are Fun To Use

Published: 28th October 2010
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Ferrofluid consists of small magnetic iron fragments immersed in oil. The oil aids prevention of any clumping that may occur. The particle can be found in everyday items such as DVDs, CDs, sensors, radio speakers and so much more. Over time, ferrofluid may evaporate if it is not used. If it is kept in a sealed, air tight manner, its life will be prolonged and the fluid will be able to be used time and time again.

It is simple to make a magnet in only a few easy steps. If you purchase ferrofluid online, it can prove expensive. However, if you wish to make ferrofluid yourself, all you require is magnetic ink and oil. This does not have to be a specific kind of oil, just any oil you have in the home. Once you have mixed these two components together, the ink will turn soil and become magnetic. It is advisable to use a Petri dish to put the oil and ink together. The fluid will start to become denser as there is an increase in the strength of the magnetic field. Always put on a latex or plastic glove before moving your hand towards the ferrofluid. The ferrofluid will increase in firmness as you become close to the magnet.

Ferrofluid is not toxic or dangerous. However, young children should not be left to play with it. Ferrofluid should not be experimented with around expensive items in the home. Ensure that you wear old clothing when working with ferrofluid as new clothing may get ruined. This is because ferrofluid is difficult to wash off and may cause permanent stains to clothing or other types of materials. Ensure that you wear gloves plus eye protection like goggles. Use only disposal dishes in case they get damaged or broken.

Buying ferrofluid online can prove a costly affair. One small bottle can cost as much as $180 to purchase. If that proves too expensive for you, it is recommended that you make your own. Home made ferrofluid may not be as effective as store bought fluid but it will do the job adequately. The greatest recipe for making your own is to make use of iron-containing solutions; steel wool will not work for this purpose. Ensure that the area in which you are preparing the ferrofluid is adequately ventilated. Ferrofluid should ideally be prepared either outdoors or underneath a fume hood. Once you have created ferrofluid, you will wish that you had tried making it sooner. Home made ferrofluid is high performance ferrofluid which is amazing in nature. If you have not made ferrofluid before, there are many educational kits available for purchase. These kits will aid you in preparing the material in the correct manner.

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